Our company will provide all necessary stationary materials from time to time for our officers to perform their duty especially for record keeping. This is also tailored based on the needs of our clients.

Guard Tour System

It is a small hand held device used by our patrol team and officers to automatically record and report the services delivered. This is done by providing a complete report quickly and effectively. It shows the exact time, date, location and names of sites with evidence that a security check has taken place. Reports can be presented to managers/clients as conclusive proof that ‘The job was done’ and can be used to track staff movement.

  • 2 Way Radio
  • Closed User Group (C.U.G.)
  • Handheld Metal Detector
  • Re-chargeable Torch in case of power failure during the night
  • Daily occurrence book (DOB) for record keeping
  • Emergency contact number for any incident
  • Safety wears during adverse weather condition
  • Side handle plastic T-baton.

We would ensure your customers receive a warm welcome as the first point of contact thereby giving your organisation a good image.

In addition, they have the benefit of being very close to the scene in the event that a crime takes place, this can allow them to respond more quickly and hopefully achieve a more positive outcome.

Regular and random searches would be carried out by our officers to ensure valuable items are not concealed by customers/ visitors.

The placement of the day/night security officers is well explicit; they would ensure that all the areas are manned, provide a physical presence and ensure proper vigilance of the premises.

The provision of a security supervisor is to ensure that the co-ordination of the security officers are well monitored and supervised and also to act as a reliever when officers are off duty.