At Tschabylink, we are committed to providing consistent, high quality services which is reflected in the development and implementation of a client-focused quality assurance and continuous improvement process.

Tschabylink Quality Assurance Process ensures a consistent, high quality service protecting our clients and officers by assuring:

  • Our employees are motivated through competitive compensation, recognition and training.
  • Our Customers are motivated through contract compliance and management review.
  • Our Company is motivated through a system of audits and quality assurance processes.

We achieve this through the development of a customized security program, a partnership between our experienced operational management and you, which will include the following:

  • Evaluation and assessment of your specific risks, threats and challenges
  • Understanding your business objectives and security requirements
  • Review and development of security policies and procedures
  • Creating post orders and site-specific manuals for your facility
  • Implement training and officer assignments