Selection and retention of the right personnel is imperative in the provision of high quality services. The company has a stringent selection process designed to ensure only the most suitable candidates progress from the interview stage, through the induction training program and into permanent employment within the company.

Tschabylink ensures the welfare of its staff to be of paramount importance. The company’s fundamental principle is based on the proven philosophy ‘that a content and motivated work force will always produce the best results’.

The company invests greatly in staff welfare, ensuring their remuneration packages, employee benefits and development/progression opportunities are amongst the best in the industry.

Tschabylink offers its security officers training to ensure they portray a good professional image of the company they serve. The security officer is an integral part of the management of any site.

Security officers play an important role in determining the successful operation of any business, corporate organisation, manufacturing and financial institution. No matter the industry or assignment the security officer is involved in, through their positive training and expertise, they are capable of adapting themselves to varying security related duties. The modern day security officer therefore needs to be trained accordingly, so as to be efficient in carrying out their responsibility in a professional and proactive manner.

Our training combines modern theory with a practical interactive approach that enables our officers to take an active part in the learning process.

Firstly, the practical covers physical drilling, parade and salutation to test the physical fitness of the officer which is normally carried out by service men from paramilitary backgrounds.

On its successful completion, officers then proceed to the second stage which is conducted in a classroom setting and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of security officers
  • Patrolling Techniques
  • Access and Egress control
  • Searching procedures & Techniques
  • Communication, reporting and record keeping
  • Emergency procedures, fire precautions & procedures
  • Customer Service
  • Technology & system in the security Environment
  • Radio procedures & skills

Upon successful completion of the training, officers are given the opportunity to train on the job as well. This training would be relevant to the officer’s duties, requirements of the work site and the needs of the client.

We also ensure our training personnel make regular random visits to our sites to ensure our officers are current and also to refresh them about any changes in the security field.